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Exploring Queensland’s
Saltwater Flats Fly Fishing Fishery

Since the early 2000s, a saltwater flats fly fishing industry has been developing in Queensland and the industry now attracts both domestic and international anglers from many locations. The fishery has developed through social media, word of mouth, and promotion by media and magazines, and the industry now supports multiple charter operators who organize guided fishing trips. However, the scope, nature, and values of this fishery are poorly documented, meaning that fisheries managers may misunderstand the prevalence and practices of the industry, and the characteristics of the fishery that fly-fishers value most. Additionally, there has not been any information published that can be used by managers and industry to identify future needs and potential conflicts as this fishery grows. This lack of information highlights the need to document how the fishery operates and what it’s participants value most about the fishery. Through analysis of online content, flyfishing magazines, and semi-structured interviews with flyfishing operators, guides, and clients, this project aims to create a realistic overview of this saltwater fly-fishery in Queensland.

Great Barrier Reef flyfishing
Great Barrier Reef flyfishing

Specific aims of the project include:

  • Understanding seasonality, target species, client demographics, spatial scale, and temporal scale of this fly-fishery.

  • Investigating what economic, experiential, and conservation values are held by charter operators, guides, and flyfishing clients.

  • Exploring what factors might limit the scale and growth of the fishery.

For more information about our research team:

Mr Andreas Hansen

Dr Andrew Chin

Mr Amos Mapleston

Dr Owen Li

For more information about the project:

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