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Favourite papers?

Alcala, A. C., & Russ, G. R. (2006). No-take marine reserves and reef fisheries management in the Philippines: a new people power revolution. Ambio, 35(5), 245–254.

Li, O., Sutton, S. G., & Tynan, L. (2010). Communicating scientific information to recreational fishers. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 15(2), 106–118.


Pauly, D., Christensen, V., Dalsgaard, J., Froese, R., & Torres, F. (1998). Fishing Down Marine Food Webs. Science, 279(5352), 860–863


Russ, G. R., Rizzari, J. R., Abesamis, R. A., & Alcala, A. C. (2021). Coral cover a stronger driver of reef fish trophic biomass than fishing. Ecological Applications, 31(1)

Andreas Hansen

Honours student
BSc | James Cook University

Andreas Hansen is an undergraduate student from Norway, now finishing his BSc marine biology major at James Cook University with an honours project. He spent his early years on the far-stretching coastline of Norway, along rocky kelp habitats, trout streams, and salmon rivers. This close proximity to marine and freshwater fishes from an early age made him an uncurable recreational fisher and eventually led to his pursuits in marine biology. Throughout his degree, his fascination with fisheries has only increased as he recognised the social and biological complexity of the field. His interest in fisheries and recreational fisher background has led him to the fish and fisheries lab, where he is currently working on his honours project with three expert supervisors.


When Andreas is not working on his project with the F&F lab, he works at a fish wholesaler, trying to expand his knowledge of fisheries and improve his technical skills.

Andrea's Honours project is Profiling a Hidden High Value Low Impact Fishery on the GBR: A Coastal Saltwater Fly Fishery

Favourite species?
Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)


Barcheek Coral Trout (Plectropomus maculatus)
Trout 2.jpg
DSC_0268 copy.jpg
2021-09-12 10_25_41-A004440-R1-16-9.jpg ‎- Photos.jpg

Photo: Matt Carr

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