Favourite species?
Sickle fish
Drepane punctata
Current projects
Understanding the scope and operation of niche charter fisheries in Queensland

Amos Mapleston

Adjunct Research Fellow
B.Sc University of Queensland

I have an interest in fisheries and fishing. Part of the interest is a curiosity about the values that connect people to these natural systems and and the animals that live in them. For this reason I have always enjoyed roles working closely with fishing communities and other stakeholders to develop projects and provide new insight into species they value and the function of complex marine and freshwater ecosystems that support fisheries.


I have worked as a fisheries researcher for 20 years with fisheries management agencies in Queensland and Tasmania and also with research groups associated with James Cook University, University of Tasmania and Carlton University in Ottawa Canada. This work has included monitoring important harvested fish species, understanding post release survival of released fish across a range of projects, conservation of threatened species and eradication of noxious fish species.


I continue to have an interest in fisheries management and conservation but also have a connection with commercial charter fisheries, working seasonally as a saltwater fly fishing guide. At times I work for extended period in remote locations in relatively undisturbed ecosystems on Cape York that have high cultural, economic and conservation value. There is a great need for the wider community to see the value in these places and I hope to do this one angler at a time.