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Tina Corradi

Masters Student
B Biol Sci | UNiversity of Ferrara (Italy)

Growing up in Italy, I became interested in biology as a child, undertaking a course of study that led me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, in which I acquired skills in various scientific branches such as zoology, Applied ecology, cytology, and biostatistics.

My passion for the marine environment then led me to move to Australia to attend a master’s degree in Marine Biology at the JCU, deepening issues regarding the conservation of marine ecosystems and its species, in particular elasmobranchs and mammals.

Birkmanis, C. A., Partridge, J. C., Simmons, L. W., Heupel, M. R., & Sequeira, A. M. M. (2020). Shark conservation hindered by lack of habitat protection. Global Ecology and Conservation, 21(e00862), e00862.

Pistevos, J. C. A., Nagelkerken, I., Rossi, T., Olmos, M., & Connell, S. D. (2015). Ocean acidification and global warming impair shark hunting behaviour and growth. Scientific Reports, 5(1), 16293. 


Gutowsky, L. F. G., Rider, M. J., Roemer, R. P., Gallagher, A. J., Heithaus, M. R., Cooke, S. J., & Hammerschlag, N. (2021). Large sharks exhibit varying behavioral responses to major hurricanes. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 256(107373), 107373. 

Tina's current projects

  • I am currently working on a project that aims to investigate patterns of distribution, species richness and abundance of elasmobranchi in the Mediterranean through the use of social media, with particular attention to the impact that these have on the community's reported  perceptions and values of these animals and sightings.

Favourite species?
Thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus)
Catsharks - Scyliorhinidae
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