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Favourite papers?

Cailliet, G. M. et al. (2006) ‘Age and growth studies of chondrichthyan fishes: the need for consistency in terminology, verification, validation, and growth function fitting’, Environmental Biology of Fishes, 77(3–4), pp. 211–228.

Dulvy, N. K. et al. (2008) ‘You can swim but you can’t hide: the global status and conservation of oceanic pelagic sharks and rays’, Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 18(5), pp. 459–482.

Walker, T. I. et al. (1998) ‘The phenomenon of apparent change of growth rate in gummy shark (Mustelus antarcticus) harvested off southern Australia’, Fisheries Research, 39(2), pp. 139–163.

Sushmita Mukherji

Research Scientist | Lab Manager
B Env Sci, Fergusson College,
Masters of Science, James Cook University

Sushmita is originally from Mumbai, India and has been living in Townsville, Queensland for the last 5 years. She initially came to Townsville to do her Masters in Marine Biology and Ecology in 2016. Since then she has worked as a technician on several projects with the Fish and Fisheries Lab. She has over two years of experience in video analysis for the Global FinPrint project as a volunteer coordinator. Sushmita also has experience working with fishing communities in West Bengal, India. She is interested in studying coastal fisheries, communities and fisheries management.

Sushmita's project focus: 

  • The Sharks of West Bengal, funded by the Save Ours Seas Foundation is focusing on understanding the composition, life history and demography of small Carcharhinds and Rhinopristiformes landed by commercial fisheries in West Bengal, India

Favourite species? Grey sharpnose shark Rhizoprionodon oligolinx
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