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Favourite papers?

Cortés, E. (1997). A critical review of methods of studying fish feeding based on analysis of stomach contents: application to elasmobranch fishes. Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences, 54(3), 726-738.

Jax, K. (2005). Function and “functioning” in ecology: what does it mean?. Oikos, 111(3), 641–648. 

Odum, E. P., & Barrett, G. W. (1971). Fundamentals of ecology (Vol. 3, p. 5). Philadelphia: Saunders.

Papastamatiou, Y., Wetherbee, B., Lowe, C., & Crow, G. (2006). Distribution and diet of four species of carcharhinid shark in the Hawaiian Islands: evidence for resource partitioning and competitive exclusion. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 320, 239–251. 

Dr Stacy Bierwagen

Principle Scientist 
ORCID 0000-0002-5345-4466 
MSc | University of Hawaii
PhD | James Cook University

Stacy Bierwagen was a researcher in ecology and conservation planning at James Cook University in Townsville, QLD. She recently completed her PhD examining the functional roles of reef sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, disentangling areas of uncertainty in diet and movement behaviour of common reef shark species. She also completed an MSc in tropical conservation biology and environmental science at the University of Hawaii. Her masters thesis defined foraging behaviour of bluespine unicornfish on invasive algae in a Hawaiian Marine Reserve. She has a broad range of research experience in coral reef and fish ecology from South America, Southeast Florida, Hawaii and Australia. She also has a passion for science communication and student representation serving as the co-chair for the education committee for the Australian Society for Fish Biology. She specialises in spatial analysis and quantitative statistical skills.

As of 2022, Stacy works at the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Townsville.

Favourite species?
Bluespine unicornfish (Naso unicornis)
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