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Favourite species?
Tiger Shark
(Galeocerdo cuvier)

Sheila Villora

Masters student

Sheila was a postgraduate in Fisheries Science and Management at James Cook University. She is interested in understanding the human aspects involved in shark conservation and further improving the current knowledge on Shark and Ray importance to the marine ecosystem. Sheila is holding a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Germany which helps her to connect different aspects involved in Fisheries Science. Furthermore, her close relationship with the Philippines shaped her view on shark conservation immensely.

Sheila worked on several projects which involved the creation of a shark and ray checklist for Shark Search Indo-Pacific in Mozambique, as well as Singapore. Due to her close relationship with the Philippines, Sheila also analysed Baited Remote Underwater Videos from the Tubbataha National Marine Park on shark abundance in collaboration with LAMAVE.

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