Favourite papers?

Butler, J.R.A., Tawake, A., Skewes, T., Tawake, L., McGrath, V (2012). Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Fisheries Management in the Torres Strait, Australia: The Catalytic Role of Turtles and Dugong as Cultural Keystone Species. Ecology and Society, 17(4), 34.

Johannes, R.E., Freeman, M.M.R., Hamilton, R.J. (2000). Ignore fishers’ knowledge and miss the boat. Fish and Fisheries, 1, 257–271.

Rachel Mather

Masters student
BSc James Cook Uiversity

Rachel is originally from Victoria, where she grew up beside the Great Ocean Road and developed a passion for all things marine. Choosing to turn this passion into a career, she moved to the warmer waters of Townsville to complete her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Aquaculture. Her undergraduate studies opened her eyes to the numerous and complex issues our oceans face, as well as the importance of seafood for food security in many parts of the world, and she developed an interest in the way humans and marine life interact through fisheries.


Currently completing her master’s degree in fisheries science and management, she is particularly interested in working to incorporate local ecological knowledge with scientific knowledge to inform sustainable fisheries management.

Rachel's current projects include:

  • Developing a risk assessment framework for threatened riverine elasmobranchs in the Indo-Pacific

Favourite species?
Marbled Whipray, Fluvitrygon oxyrhynchus