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Welcome to the Fish and Fisheries Lab website!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Here it is, R-Log (Research log) one. For a research lab, a website is a place mark, a digital footprint that says 'this is who we are, how we work, what we do'.

These R-logs have three aims:

1) its our way of helping people stay up to date with the work we're doing, the papers being published, the travel, projects, field work etc;

2) they give students (and staff) a casual, easy access and creative space to engage with people about their work, and to gain experience in this mode of communication; and perhaps most importantly;

3) they're intended to help people understand what life in marine/shark/fisheries research is like. A peek behind the curtain into what we do and what it takes, the wins and losses, good and bad. Life.

The F&F Lab crew doing the 'hammerhead strut' - spontaneous dance move after successful tagging a hammerhead

Some R-logs may be descriptive, technical and scientific, creative, others may pose thought provoking questions or provide opinions on topical issues, some may be artistic & quirky pieces . . . its creative space and I'm excited to see how these R-logs develop.

More to come

In the coming weeks and months, we'll be posting more regular lab updates on projects like our work with commercial fishers to reduce hammerhead bycatch, our review of the science behind shark safety messaging, the wins and losses of research grants and project ideas.

We also have more web pages and news coming including a page on our partners and collaborators, our alumni (where have our staff and students ended up), and more details about our projects. So watch this space, more Research logs (R-logs), photos, and videos are on the way!

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