Favourite papers?

Simpfendorder, C.A. & Dulvy, N. (2017) Bright spots of sustainable shark fishing. Current Biology 27(3) R97-R98.

Arai, R., and Azri, A. (2019) Diversity, occurrence and conservation of sharks in the southern South China Sea. PLoS ONE.

Jaiteh, V.F., Loneragan, N.R., and Warren, C. (2017) The end of shark finning? Impacts of declining catches and fin demand on coastal community livelihoods. Marine Policy 82, 224-233.

Naomi Clark-Shen

Ph.D. Student
Ph.D. Candidate -  James Cook University

Naomi was born and raised in Singapore, where she still lives today. In 2017 she started a 3-year independent project to survey Singapore’s fishery reports for elasmobranchs.

Naomi is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Singapore looking at:

  • The biology, ecology, and life-history of Carcharhinus sealei, C. tjutjot, and Neotrygon orientalis: three small-bodied elasmobranchs that are heavily fished in Southeast Asia.

  • Fishery port surveys in Singapore for insights to landings and imports of whole, fresh elasmobranchs

Favourite species? Bluespotted maskray Neotrygon cf australiae.