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Favourite papers?

Arai, T., & Azri, A. (2019). Diversity, occurrence and conservation of sharks in the southern South China Sea. PLOS ONE, 14(3), e0213864.

Jaiteh, V. F., Loneragan, N. R., & Warren, C. (2017). The end of shark finning? Impacts of declining catches and fin demand on coastal community livelihoods. Marine Policy, 82, 224-233.


Simpfendorfer, C. A., & Dulvy, N. K. (2017). Bright spots of sustainable shark fishing. Current Biology, 27(3), R97–R98.

Naomi Clark-Shen

PhD Student | James Cook University

Naomi was born and raised in Singapore, where she still lives today. In 2017 she started a 3-year independent project to survey Singapore’s fishery reports for elasmobranchs.

Naomi is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Singapore looking at:

  • The biology, ecology, and life-history of Carcharhinus sealei, C. tjutjot, and Neotrygon orientalis: three small-bodied elasmobranchs that are heavily fished in Southeast Asia.

  • Fishery port surveys in Singapore for insights to landings and imports of whole, fresh elasmobranchs

Favourite species?
Bluespotted maskray (Neotrygon cf australiae)
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