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Favourite papers?

Cohen, S. (2014). The Ethics of De-Extinction. Nanoethics, 8(2), 165–178.


Hays, G. C., Bailey, H., Bograd, S. J., Bowen, W. D., Campagna, C., Carmichael, R. H., ... & Sequeira, A. M. (2019). Translating marine animal tracking data into conservation policy and management. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 34(5), 459-473.


Heinrich, D. D. U., Rummer, J. L., Morash, A. J., Watson, S.-A., Simpfendorfer, C. A., Heupel, M. R., & Munday, P. L. (2014). A product of its environment: the epaulette shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum) exhibits physiological tolerance to elevated environmental CO2. Conservation Physiology, 2(1), cou047–cou047.

Mina Hatayama

JCU student intern
Current student BSc | James Cook University

Mina is originally from landlocked Colorado in the United States. After spending some time in Honduras and South Africa, she felt compelled to learn more about the overlap between sustainable fisheries and conservation efforts for sharks and rays. She is currently a second year Bachelor of Marine Science interested in modeling shark populations and movement.

Mina is currently working on website and checklist updates for Shark Search Indo-pacific (the lists for Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef), as well as creating shark & ray fact sheets.

Favourite species?
Bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo)
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