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Madelaine Jones

Current student BSc | James Cook University

Madelaine is currently completing her undergraduate in Zoology and Ecology at James Cook University. Madelaine grew up heavily involved in surf lifesaving which fostered a great passion for marine species and conservation from an early age. This interest led her to pursue a career in zoology and ecology with a focus on marine conservation. Throughout her degree, her initial interest in marine science has expanded to sustainable fisheries management, human impact and livelihoods, and international development.

Favourite papers?

Foale, S., Cohen, P., Januchowski‐Hartley, S., Wenger, A., & Macintyre, M. (2011). Tenure and taboos: origins and implications for fisheries in the Pacific. Fish and fisheries, 12(4), 357-369.

Madelaine is currently working on a literature review of culture and conservation pre and post-colonization to explore how human-species interactions have changed.

Favourite species?
Orca (Orcinus orca)
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