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Understanding fisher attitudes toward electronic monitoring on commercial fishing vessels

Electronic monitoring is emerging as a favored way for fisheries management to monitor the activities of commercial fishers in many important fishing regions around the world. However, owing to a lack of user acceptance, adoption is slow. Despite widespread recognition of this limitation, the attitudes and perceptions of the fishers who are most impacted by the technology are rarely quantified and seldom published. This study aims to talk about electronic monitoring with commercial fishers in Queensland and New Zealand. To get a better understanding of the human factors which effect user acceptance, what works, what doesn’t and what the big problems are. These first hand accounts from fishers will be compiled into reports and publications which will help to ensure that commercial fishers are represented in management decisions about electronic monitoring in the future. 


For more information please contact our research team:

Darcy Roeger

Dr. Anne Swinbourne

Dr. Andrew Chin


Photo: Thomas Vignaud

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