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Favourite species?
 Spotted eagle ray
(Aetobatus narinari)

Most recent project:

  • Creating a shark and ray checklist for Shark Search Indo-Pacific in New-Caledonia

Colette Appert

Veterinary doctor | Ecole National Veterinaire de Toulouse (France)
MSc | James Cook University

Colette was born in Greece and raised in the South of France, where she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. Growing up around the Mediterranean Sea she observed first-hand the declining diversity and abundance of fish and the smaller and smaller catches of returning fishermen. After 5 years of treating cattle, dogs and other furry animals in the French countryside, she decided that she couldn’t stand by anymore.

Colette chose to pursue her master’s degree in marine biology at James Cook University. She wants to help figure out how we can maintain sustainable fish stocks while ensuring livelihoods. Colette is interested in understanding the biology and ecology of sharks and other fish, especially their resilience to climate change and other anthropogenic threats.

As of 2022, Colette has started a PhD at University of Tasmania studying skates.

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