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Favourite species?
How can you have just one? I am most passionate about the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

Claire Riley

BSc - Marine Science | James Cook University

Originally from Hobart, Tasmania, Claire grew up on the coast looking for crabs under rocks and swimming in Tasmania’s cold temperate waters. Holidays to the Whitsunday Islands and Hawaii fuelled Claire’s interest in the ocean and those that call it home. Claire’s passion for marine science motivated her to travel to the warmer tropical waters of North Queensland to pursue a potential career in marine science. Through her degree, Claire has developed a keen interest in shark conservation and the vital role fisheries and fisheries management can have in creating a more sustainable future.

Current projects:

Claire is currently working on a project for Shark Search Indo-Pacific, reviewing literature to compile a shark and ray species list for the Marshall Islands and Nauru.

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