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Favourite papers?

Abdou, M., Tercier-Waeber, M.-L., Dutruch, L., Bossy, C., Pougnet, F., Coynel, A., … Schäfer, J. (2022). Estuarine dissolved speciation and partitioning of trace metals: a novel approach to study biogeochemical processes. Environmental Research, 208, 112596.

Mcmillan, M. N., Izzo, C., Wade, B., & Gillanders, B. M. (2017). Elements and elasmobranchs: hypotheses, assumptions and limitations of elemental analysis. Journal of Fish Biology, 90(2), 559–594.

Hilary Lewis

Honours student
BSc - Earth Science | James Cook University

Hilary is an honours student, majoring in Earth and Environmental Science following the completion of her Bachelor of Marine Science at JCU. Since her undergraduate degree, Hilary has developed a keen interest in geochemistry principles as the Research Officer and Assistant Manager of the IsoTropics Geochemistry Lab at the Applied Analytical Centre, JCU. Hilary is particularly interested in applying geochemical techniques to marine science. Recently, Hilary’s role in the IsoTropics Lab has involved investigating trace metal concentrations and isotopic systems of water and sediment samples from across Australia and internationally. 

Hilary is currently working on high-throughput analytical techniques for both solution based (IEC) and in-situ (laser ablation) techniques for Sr isotope analysis. For the former, the main focus will be Sr isotope ratio determination in natural water samples and in hard tissues of shark vertebrae and fish otoliths, and for the latter the main focus will be the development of in situ Sr isotope ratio determination in hard media of marine organisms 

Favourite species?
Blue swimmer crab (Portunus armatus)
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